This Heavenly Delicious & Incredibly Nutritious Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Is Just $2.57

Hello everyone,

Alright, for today’s budget cooking meal plan, we have created these three heavenly delicious and incredibly nutritious meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and you will go crazy for it.

All these 3 meals can be cooked without spending too much money to cook at home, and these recipes cost $2.57 per person.

These are very simple meals. They are very inexpensive ingredients and each recipe has less than 10 ingredients as well.

The price that we have quoted here is based on our suppliers. if you buy at your local store, it might be less cheap.

Most of the ingredients that we have used here is a non-perishable food item. But the outcomes are Insanely fresh and mind-blowingly flavorful.

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3. Southwest Scrambled Eggs Quesadillas

A tray of 60 eggs cost as low as $7.66 in store, but many of us are tired of morning routine eggs.

With this delicious scrambled egg recipe, it can be served with a tortilla wrap. We challenge you that you won’t get bored with this quick breakfast recipe as it’s flavorful and it can be served in less than 10 minutes.

Cooking Time: 10 Mins 30 Seconds

Ingredients Cost: $4.27

Servings: 5 People

Cuisine: American

Meal: Breakfast

Step by step video instructions:

GET RECIPE: Southwest Scrambled Eggs Quesadillas

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