Live Today With Just $2.91 Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Super Delicious & Healthy Meal Plan For You!

Hello everyone,

We made these three budget-friendly meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and they’re super delicious, and they’re the most nutrient-dense foods as well.

Each recipe can be served up to 4 people and per person costs around $2.91. We believe that the plans for your today’s meal have been made. All you have to do is Just cook and enjoy your meals.

The ingredients used in these recipes are inexpensive, and they are also highly nutritious.

We hope our recipes help you save time, energy, and money. If you like it, please share, like, and comment. Thank you!

3. Muesli

A pound of oats is less than $1, and if that’s not surprising to you, let’s look at the nutrition it has, and the varieties of recipes you can make with oats is a great addition for frugal living.

There is nothing better than a bowl of oat when you are feeling lazy. It’s more of an idea rather than a recipe. With our creation, we just mixed dried fruits and nuts. But this recipe beats most granola bars out there. It can be served hot or cold In less than 10 minutes.

Cooking Time: 6 Mins

Ingredients Cost: $3.76

Servings: 4 People

Cuisine: Germany

Meal: Breakfast

Step by step video instructions:


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