This Extremely Enjoyable Meal Plan Is $2.89 For Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Even Student Could Make It!

2. Minced Beef and Cabbage Stir-Fry

A pound of 90% lean ground beef costs you $4.90 in the store. Definitely, it’s not an inexpensive ingredient, but the quality of the protein you can get from the meat is incomparable with any other ingredients out there.

The main reason we can reduce this recipe price point per person to around $1 is that the main ingredient that we have used in this recipe is cabbage, which is the most inexpensive vegetable that you can purchase in a store.

This recipe is so flavorful, and this combination helps you serve it as a side for bread, wrap or rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All of that takes 10 minutes to be served.

Cooking Time: 10 Mins

Ingredients Cost: $5.62

Servings: 4 People

Cuisine: American

Meal: Dinner

Step by step video instructions:

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