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It’s full of quick recipes that can be completed in 30 minutes or less. A video and photos accompany each recipe so you can see what you should be aiming for at each stage of the process.

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A comprehensive meal plan specifically designed for you based on your favorite food and your health goals. Recipes created to serve up to 6 servings.


We let you choose the most available ingredients that you already know and like. There will be no more planning. Just shop, cook, enjoy and save money.


We also provide a printable version of the grocery list that helps you buy the exact ingredients and the quantity with your favorite shopping store or app.


There will be no internet connection required to cook using our recipes as we provide an android and iOS app that has your access to all our recipes.

Anyone Can Cook Using Our Recipes

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A Foolproof Meal Plan Just For You

Starting could be the hardest part but we make it easy by doing all the planning for you. Just imagine how it could be…

Customers Feedback

We have been using it for almost a week now. Not only is saving, also its a big convenience, I was very surprised with my first week grocery budget. Even after adding dog food, it still cost me less than $80... My wife is very happy with the recipe and shopping list. Thank you!
California, USA

Frequently Asked Questions?

The cost of ingredients per person per month will be as low as $89 per month. This calculation is based on a 2 serving a day basis. The cost of ingredients could be lower if the items are purchased in your local store.

Planning your meal can save up to 40% of your food budget. By following our recipes on average, a family of two persons can save about $350 a month!

Each recipe created to serve up to 6 servings depends on the plate size. The leftover can be stored and served later. This plan also works well with singles or couples, even small families too.

Yes, you can buy this for anyone you love. Please make sure you input there particular during the order, and if you need any help, kindly reach out to team@surviveonanybudget.com

Yes, we ask you during your quiz if you have any of the following allergies to the food Dairy, Gluten, Soy, Nightshades, Nuts, Seeds, Yeast, Fish, Lentils & Garlic. You can check them during your quiz. In case if you need any further help, please don’t hesitate to reach out team@surviveonanybudget.com.

Your meal plan will be created manually based on your quiz report by our team, and it will take a minimum of 4 – 8 hours. In case if you have not received your plan within the said time, please don’t hesitate to reach out to team@surviveonanybudget.com

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We're very sure that you will love the meal plan that we're going to create for you. In any case, if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, just send a quick email to our support, and we will refund your money.


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